Shuyang three initiatives to promote the enthusiasm of Rural Entrepreneurship

new business opportunities continue to increase, Suqian, Shuyang set off a burst of entrepreneurial boom. Various types of entrepreneurial support and guidance measures have helped many farmers to achieve income and income, to further improve the standard of living.

send technology. Asked the village, the relevant departments according to the industry characteristics and economic traits, the Spring Festival period, carry out to send the policy into the heart "and" send skills into the village "," send the project into the garden "and" send service into the farm "as the main content of the enterprise culture in rural areas" to send four "series of activities. The peasants’ Entrepreneurship provide all kinds of high quality efficient propaganda, training, guidance and services, improve the business environment and economic and social development outlook.

project selection. In order to help farmers solve business encountered in the "project" problem, select the appropriate business "project", before and after the Spring Festival organized 3 towns have entrepreneurial aspirations of farmers to visit Zuohua farms, Guan Yi Kang breeding hens cooperatives and part of the network business projects, please 6 entrepreneurial genius experiences, and to return the personnel to provide "business guide", "Xian Guan Zhen entrepreneurship policy" etc..

help fund. Led by the town finance, and rural commercial bank, post bank, Guarantee Corporation and other financial institutions to finance, service farmers entrepreneurship as a priority among priorities for the loan business, the responsible person in charge and in-depth village credit investigation, the use of the loans, small loans for increased efforts to simplify procedures for the loan.

technology project funds have in place, with all kinds of public policy entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will give farmers the maximum convenience, multi channels will become rich, agriculture from the traditional to the modern transformation.

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