Online shop need to pay attention to what issues

open shop for novice investors now is a very good choice. People can realize their wealth dream through this platform. Online shop business needs to pay attention to what issues? Many businesses do not know what they want to do, so blindly investment really good? Together we analyze.

1. full-time or part-time

2. in the end what to do good

each open shop friends is the first encounter this problem. Look at the shops, selling almost all kinds of, what are visible to everyone’s different ideas. Because each person has different resources, different interests and preferences have decided to engage in different industries, to seek a solid, reliable supply is a prerequisite for doing a good job shop.

3. purchase supply

This is probably the

had just graduated from a university girl, she told me she sells things are usually scattered to buy. Obviously this is not enough: one is the scattered purchase price is very high, count the profit margins, price sold to the customer is too high, can not attract customers; second is the channel is not stable, when the customer needs, it is difficult to find, affecting customer confidence in the shop; three is your love style and variety of customers not love, will cause some product backlog; four varieties and specifications is not complete, the product is too single, customers would choose other products more abundant, more complete varieties and specifications of businesses. Therefore, this business model can only be said to be holding the mentality to play, to experience the taste of the open network shop, but also to talk about the real shop owner!

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