What are the advantages and disadvantages of online glasses shop

in the rapid development of e-commerce today, many shops in the management of the entity, but also in the online mall. However, different products to open an online shop is a good and bad. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of online open glasses shop?

1 advantages: simple and convenient, without going out glasses

This is the biggest advantage of

online shopping, everyone can choose to stay at home, what you want, the glasses are no exception.

advantage 2: a wide range of online, selective large

online glasses shop will usually list all the current glasses products, indicating the price and product characteristics, consumers at a glance, and even through the search to find their products quickly.

advantage 3: price advantage is obvious

and physical glasses store profits are different, the price of online glasses shop is usually lower, which makes the product more cost-effective.

advantage 4: excellent after-sales service

despite the lower price, but consumers online shopping glasses enjoy the service is also very good, regular online shop service is even better than entity shop, because they need to show their credibility in the network, and online customer service time is longer than the store, convenient and direct contact buyers.

the above reasons, so that more and more consumers began to try online shopping for glasses, glasses shop practitioners, this is a big trend, is the one thing necessary to do, but different from the traditional shop, glasses industry has some special characteristics, these characteristics restrict the development shop, can be seen as disadvantages:

online shop

1: fitting is difficult to handle correctly. Even if consumers know their eyes degree, IPD and other information, it is difficult for the network to the satisfaction of the purchase of glasses, because if you have glasses experience consumers know, because each person’s face, nose height is different, with a good glasses have to be adjusted in the face, or wear it extremely uncomfortable, and even affect the sight glasses.

disadvantage 2: can not see the kind. Although a wide range of online glasses shop, the price is cheap, but it is difficult to see the kind of consumers, often online shopping people should often buy things in the real world and the gap between the very large picture of it, glasses are no exception.

3: return of trouble. Online shopping is convenient, but the return is more trouble, because of the above reasons, the glasses return proportion is very high, especially when we are in urgent need for glasses.

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