The rapid development of tourism in Xinjiang 2 new national 5A scenic spots

Xinjiang is a beautiful place, there are green grass, there are a lot of rare plants and animal, has become a great tourist destination. In November 4th, the Xinjiang scenic area and the Turks County Jun Hejing County Bayinbuluke both qualify to become a 5A level scenic area scenic spot. So far, Xinjiang national 5A scenic spots to 11, the first jump in the west. The formation of the cluster pattern of Xinjiang tourism scenic spots.

it is reported that the "12th Five-Year" period, Xinjiang to accelerate the pace of construction of tourism products, in the region within the implementation of the national 5A level scenic area doubled, greatly promote the tourism resources in the area by the area towards the tourism industry strong area. Currently, the number of scenic spots in the country 5A Xinjiang has increased from 2010 to the end of 3 to 11.

regional tourism bureau Party Secretary Li Jidong said, "13th Five-Year" period, the Xinjiang tourism industry will "create a number of national and world famous tourist scenic spots" in a more prominent position.

in the development of a local economy, but also to do a good job in all aspects of optimization. Xinjiang attaches great importance to the development of tourist attractions, tourism has become a good choice. Xinjiang will unswervingly push forward the construction of the national 5A level scenic spots, constantly reinforce the core support of tourism destination construction, promote the tourism product structure adjustment and upgrading, and strive to 2020, built 15 national 5A level scenic spots.

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