Living in Xiamen 20 years Taiwan established mediation studio

was originally a Taiwan and the mainland, both sides have many contacts, not only in the commodity trading, or in related culture, there exists a phenomenon of inheritance. However, in life there will inevitably be a contradiction occurs. Let’s understand, Xiamen lived for 20 years and Taiwan established mediation studio story.

yesterday afternoon, the eighth session of the forum · cross-strait grassroots mediators friendship exchanges, cross-strait mediators have shown their case, share the skills and methods of mediation.

Xiong Qi Xiamen is the 20 year life of Taiwan in May last year, in the name of his "Qi Xiong mediation studio" officially in the lake area is the establishment of community. Qi Xiong said that he is engaged in the design, unexpectedly has now become a mediator, holding a try and service mentality, a year to succeed many cases.

The original

, Xiong Qi District where 300 Taiwan, enthusiastic assistant director of community committees in his work. Taiwan’s trust in him, which makes judicial departments and committees have set up a studio idea, Xiong Qi listens gladly.

mediation studio is like a small community clinic, the daily problems do not have to go to a large hospital in the community to solve the problem in the community." Qi Xiong said.

in life, many of the contradictions are due to the understanding of the parties wrong, leading to conflict. The establishment of a mediation studio, can effectively deal with the conflicts, to allow more Taiwanese and mainland residents can get along very well.

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