Entrepreneurs how to distinguish the order of importance

have entrepreneurial experience people should all know that once the venture onto the road, the work will be very much, with so many things, many people are easy to Huangshen, leads to the importance of the order was completely messing up, affect the development of their own career. In short, start a business, you need to have a psychological preparation: before success, in addition to eating and sleeping outside all the time for career.

even so, I am in the course of many years of entrepreneurship, the biggest feeling is not enough time every day. How can entrepreneurs manage their time more effectively and efficiently? Be sure to prioritize priorities. The main work includes: the core founder of the survival of enterprises, business model establishment, product development, core competitive advantage, establish the company operation system optimization, team building, work state and personal life of the eight.

1. enterprise survival. As the name suggests is that companies can continue to run. I think this is the most important issue for entrepreneurs to solve in any case, unless it has been resolved. The main factors that affect the survival of enterprises may be the financing situation, income, competition, product status, etc..

Establishment of

2. business model. To solve the problem of survival, it is necessary to solve the continuous, large-scale profitability, only to achieve this indicator can be established business model. This problem is second only to survival.

3. core product development. The core product is the foothold of the business model, only the core product is strong, the success of the business model. This should be the third most important question.

Establishment of

4. competitive advantage. When the above three questions have a good answer, it means that the company embarked on the track for the implementation of efficiency, and the focus of competition among enterprises has become the key point of the work. Many entrepreneurs focus on the development of new products, market promotion and other issues. Personally, I think the emphasis should be on internal efficiency. What is efficiency? To achieve the same results with less manpower, less time, less money. Let all the departments of the enterprise efficiency is higher than the opponent, must be able to win in the competition.

Optimization of operation system of

5. company. Including the work of the process optimization, a summary of the methodology, personnel training, personnel incentives and a series of results related to the daily operation of the business, these things are trivial but very important.

6. team building. Including the definition of business processes, determine the job responsibilities, determine the ability of the elements, recruitment, training, incentives, etc.. Team building work is associated with the above five tasks, and any one of them to do a good job, we must do a good team building.

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