Store marketing know how to promote more effective

many friends would like to open a shop, want to open a shop to understand business management, promotion is essential, and the promotion is also a means of income increase, a shop to attract more sellers, promotions can not be ignored. Next, let’s look at a five coup store promotion.

A, set the critical price

key points: first let a person produce illusion in visual and perceptual cognition. Cause buyers visual error, which is a magic weapon to play a lot of businesses, but even if a lot of physical stores are used, the same effective.

Analysis of


1, to stimulate consumer desire at lower cost, with digital pressure to promote consumption;

2, the wrong vision led to the personalization of the store, in order to achieve a good promotion effect;

3, the price of a diversified way to attract buyers is no longer a single way.

two, set the price ladder

key points: good prices touched a nerve, let buyers automatically worry. The price of goods has changed over time.

For example:

Analysis of

1, reduce the buyer’s melancholy time, prompting buyers impulse buying;

2, the product itself has been completed to avoid loss of value of goods;

3, both to attract and stimulate consumer spending, but also to avoid the loss of shops.

three, plus the price discount

key points: to buyers double benefits, to achieve the dual benefits of superimposed effect.

Analysis of


1, the buyer is easy to lose the original psychological judgment, attracted by the promotion.

2, improve promotional mobility, expand consumer groups to attract more traffic.

3, reduce the cost of waste caused by promotions, improve the unit price.

Four, to create the illusion of


key points: to create a "buy to earn" experience, pay attention to the original value emphasizes the description of the goods, to enhance the super texture. >

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