Activation of human resources in order to attract innovation and entrepreneurship projects

good entrepreneurial project is the current lack of innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to introduce more good entrepreneurial projects, first of all to attract more talent, with entrepreneurial talent, there will be more good entrepreneurial project was born.

in science and technology enterprises in Shapingba district is located in the West Wing of the incubator, one has been growing up Chongqing Huan Rui hatching biotechnology limited company chairman Wang Jian is a doctor. This is a double cited in the activation of local talent, and has created a good project in innovation and entrepreneurship.

in the District of Shapingba science and technology business incubator of the platform, with his knowledge of Wang Jianli, led by more than 20 graduate students, undergraduate students, has developed a number of achievements, in Chongqing, Shanghai and other places in the market.

policy and service activation of local talent resources

"Shapingba district has all kinds of local scientific and technical personnel more than 8 people, the local talent team to play the role, is" a huge hit in power. "." District Personnel Office Director Zhou Huixi said that through the area to develop and perfect the policy, to activate the local talent resources through good service.

to encourage local talent to grow better, better play the role of the district personnel office, District People Club Bureau under the ambit of the reform, talent team construction, some breakthrough is not conducive to the cultivation of talents, frame, for local talent to play a role in elimination system, structuralobstacles.

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