To do a good job in the beverage store positioning should also focus on localization factors

open a beverage shop, which can be a series of products? Which species can prepare more raw materials? Do you need to take into account the taste of indigenous people? These are the operators need to attach great importance to the content, here, Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to do a good job to open the beverage product positioning, nature should also focus on localization factors.

product positioning

I saw someone wrote the answer that can do a promotional campaign to sell a cup of tea, a cup of tea, and that milk tea profits are high, a dollar will not lose. I really want to say, it will lose very outrageous, 7 years ago, you make a cup of tea that stall sell cost 7 cents, now mobile stalls sold on the cost of nearly 2 dollars, not to mention the big city consumer doesn’t drink that kind of cream and fruit powder and simple Chongdiao cheap goods, sell a piece of money a cup losing to cry not to come out.

drinks high profit era long gone, so I opened the shop two years to others, the transfer fee earned about eighty thousand, the business was booming shop turn off I don’t regret, raw materials rose too fast, and the city of Wuhan’s rising consumption capacity is too slow, not from selling the money, the profit space is greatly reduced.

But now is not suitable for

beverage business, I think it is still a profit space in the north of Guangzhou this city, because the side drinks prices is more than 8 dollars, removing other expenses, should also have about 40% of the profits, the other said other city.

does not need many kinds of drinks, because too many drinks will require you to enter more kinds of raw materials, then you will be on the pressure of the raw materials, and can not see the money. Secondly, in the process of operation you will find, in fact, consumers often buy the variety of drinks is very concentrated, the probability of a lot of drinks is point to the very small, but you need to take a lot of money to the stock, if long time did not sell, but also expired. You in the operation of the process, you can regularly sell the drinks sold out.

in a limited number of drinks you have to have their own special drinks, it is best to be able to develop their own exclusive new products, the treasure shop, once the formation of a wave, the sales are very amazing. I should be the first to try to join the tea whiskey in the process of making it, to make the finished product is a bit like a child eating chocolate flavor, then a day just two stores this kind of product can sell more than and 400 cups, more attractive is that exclusive products can bring a lot of strangers and your sales will appear skyrocketing situation.

for new products, can be done in the early stages of promotional activities, such as special, as far as possible so that some people drink, if there are a lot of repeat customers, it shows that the success of the original can be restored

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