Yu Jinbo associate professor of entrepreneurship at Career Technical College Yancheng

than ordinary higher education, higher vocational education is more practical, skilled, for college students to participate in entrepreneurship practice has an important role. To guide college students to start a business will help to improve the proportion of college students and success rate.

12 11, Career Technical College, Yancheng, Ningbo University, Yu Jinbo, vice president of the invitation for the whole school teachers and students of the higher vocational college students entrepreneurial project guidance seminar. Activities in the graphic information center academic lecture hall, a total of more than 360 teachers and students to participate in the event, the lecture by Sun Weifang, vice president of Yancheng industrial Career Technical College.

Associate professor

this lecture not only the teachers and students of Career Technical College Yancheng industry have a more clear understanding of entrepreneurship competition project, but also for the future of Career Technical College in Yancheng industrial related business competition made more achievements have a certain role.

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