Tianjin Hexi District launched a lively business publicity and animation

China’s government attaches no importance to entrepreneurship, the introduction of a number of favorable policies. However, a good policy is also better publicity, only let each service object to understand the policy, learn to use the policy, in order to allow the policy to achieve its original intention.

the city introduced specifically to support the public record space and support students, Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship "Tianjin measures ten" after the Hexi District government took 200 million yuan to support the development of the public record, public space to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Give full play to the leading role of the youth Mission District, planning and production of animation "pro with film and television companies, in calling you to business". Running time: 4 minutes, with a cartoon field of youth hero, tells Hexi District to attract talents in national entrepreneurship policy.

Tianjin Hexi District

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