Baidu know how to promote the question of how to bring a high weight link

introduction: recently there are in Baidu know promotion, made friends all know, Baidu know is a high accuracy of the platform, but also has a very high weight.

especially CPS products, it has become the main battlefield, if you do know about Baidu, I will not say, is the basic question and answer, answer high weight, these kinds of comments. Today to analyze the case, is a high weight problem, and then how to link the way.

first you have to know, what is the high weight problem is home search problem, the Baidu know the answer to that question, pageviews a day is very strong, with the title of the soft there are now numerous closure, QQ is not good, and this basically do not go to high weight live too long, because of this, so the high weight of direct link is actually a better way.

nonsense not to say, directly to the case

on the most competitive weight loss point of view, direct Baidu search weight loss method

Baidu know the weight has been so cattle B, ha ha who let their own dongdong.

open connection:

can see that the adoption of the reply below, the first is a friend to do, with links.

actually, this guy is very powerful, I’ve seen a lot of high weight he did with this link. Today we will analyze and analyze him, why can bring the link, has been alive.

where to start it, first from how to answer it, first of all, the problem of high weight, there are 5 to answer the port account, there is no answer to the root of the port. Of course, there are ways to lower level account can answer this question, we do not say, the first analysis of this bar.

recently, Baidu has been updated, a lot of high weight have become a new problem, now Baidu know very friendly to new problems, so we can make a question and answer, now the effect is very good.

and paoti, before the high weight of the competition is very fierce, now a lot of new problems. On how to break the hidden, the previous code, mostly failed, but a direct answer, if the answer is a good layout, and sometimes can be directly broken hidden. Recently tried, so do not have to tangle how to hide the current break, there must be technology, but there is not much use.

direct answer, on the line, the answer of the typesetting, we refer to his recent Baidu know the answer to the layout and content is very important, good content and layout is easy to row up.

basically, the content format in accordance with him, divided into several paragraphs, links inserted in the middle of the next point.

also have to say to everyone, if there is row >

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