12306 booking website system twice paralyzed within three days

three days, the 12306 sites have twice appeared paralyzed.


sina science and technology news on December 26th morning news, the Ministry of Railways announced this morning that, due to the room air conditioning system failure, 12306 booking website will suspend Internet ticketing service, the recovery time is uncertain. Three days, the 12306 sites have twice appeared paralyzed.

twice paralyzed 3 days

Ministry of Railways said, because the room air conditioning system failure, is actively organizing repair. At present, the suspension of Internet Ticketing, refund, change business.

at present, still can book tickets by telephone within January 6, 2013, January 4, 2013 within can also purchase tickets at the station ticket window or outlets.

this is the 12306 site within 3 days of the second failure. On the afternoon of December 24th, 12306 had issued a notice saying that due to hardware failure, is organizing repair, suspend Internet Ticketing services". Later issued a notice saying that because of air conditioning equipment failure, after repair, Internet booking has been restored".

According to industry insiders, the computer room IT hardware will produce a large number of concentrated heat, while the temperature and humidity changes are extremely sensitive to

. Slight fluctuations in temperature and humidity may result in serious problems with the system, and the system will generate useless information.

Under normal circumstances, the room will be equipped with

monitoring and early warning system, while the engine room will be equipped with standby air conditioning to prevent failure.

had a precedent

12306 site was formally launched in June 1, 2011, during the Spring Festival in 2012 because of excessive access and paralysis. A large number of users to login page, draw the refresh time for 30 minutes, but not paid ticket booking. Many buyers reluctantly shouted, 12306 website useless.

2012 in September, 12306 sites in the Mid Autumn Festival before the arrival of the holiday again paralyzed". Since then, the parties began to question the 12306 sites and the technical support behind the winning service side.

according to public information, in September this year, the Ministry of Railways has just a new generation ticket system, a project bidding, Tai Chi shares and shares of the same side were 199 million yuan and $130 million bid. This means that the new generation ticket system, a total amount of about 330 million yuan tender project.

A new generation of

ticket system including the Ministry of Railways and the technical service background 12306.cn website construction, a project includes: software and hardware integration, computer room electrical wiring system and monitoring system construction etc..

in accordance with the Ministry of Railways at the beginning of the September statement, "the construction of a new generation of ticket system" will be for a period of 3 years, a project will be completed by the end of this year. (

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