The breakdown of three factors in the development of electronic commerce website restricting domesti

According to

released authoritative advisory body in the first quarter of 2010 business market data Chinese electronic display, the first quarter of this year Chinese e-commerce market overall transaction volume reached 1 trillion and 15 billion 270 million yuan, a single quarter turnover exceeded trillion scale. So there is a point of view, the current e-commerce is not 10 years ago that the Internet bubble, but a real huge red sea.

which B2C e-commerce website development is obvious, showing a blowout trend. Recently online B2C website in addition to the post TOM jointly build ule, and President of Foxconn Technology Group Terry Gou teamed up with Du Jiabin to create the original CISCO China tiger tesco. With many domestic giants, let the electronic commerce the reality in the Red Sea considerably.

of course, factors restricting the development of the electronic commerce website is also a lot of, let us count a.

product positioning. The electronic commerce website especially vertical B2C need to focus more on the earlier stage, many B2C e-commerce sites to expect bigger whole, into a department store, to large appliances, TV and refrigerator to baby formula Everything is contained therein. But the electronic commerce website that is difficult to impress in the minds of consumers, because the scope is too much, did not feature no personality, who will you remember? To have network as an example, the site initially on the line had a clear positioning, only sell imported cosmetics, the website features clear, at a glance, it also targeted promotion.

brand awareness. In the field of e-commerce, there is no certain brand awareness is unable to continue to develop, there is no brand of goods will be sold, there is no brand mall will be no popularity. How to improve the brand awareness is the most effective way to advertise?. CCTV standard achievement dozens of commercial myth, from the name turn to small wineries, the annual income of nearly 1 billion yuan, visible advertising can effectively promote the growth of the brand. And to network with Focus Media, invested 20 million yuan to improve their brand awareness, this is undoubtedly a classic case of the field of electronic commerce brand.

diversified means of payment. In terms of consumers, more than one way to pay more than one option to facilitate the consumer shopping on the site, and this is the basic requirements of a good consumer experience. As businesses, if a B2C e-commerce website only several kinds of means of payment options, which will undoubtedly part of the lack of such payment means customers outside the home, the doors are not open, how about doing business? For example, to network, a year ago has been with the major banks, such as Bank of communications to carry out cooperation in business, and the Bank of East Asia, China Everbright Bank, agricultural bank, have carried out the relevant payment cooperation, which is convenient and is easy and others.

There are many factors restricting the development of domestic

e-commerce website, more than three points just one part, as well as the product price, customer service, logistics warehousing and other services can be regarded as constraints, but as long as the electronic commerce website can.

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