OK network is very unique BSC model feasibility analysis

e-commerce development in full swing, its growth rate, people have to feel abnormal excitement. More and more traditional industries have also added to the electronic commerce industry, Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong is from the traditional computer industry in transition to very OK, is from Zhejiang province computer 15 chamber of Commerce jointly initiated the formation of the core enterprise. The combination of traditional industries with the network, and even the traditional industry marketing model with the network, often collide with a new model. Take a very OK network, it is the original BSC model, neither belongs to Taobao’s C2C, does not belong to Jingdong B2C, but equivalent to the C2C and B2C deficiencies, drawing a 2 advantage, resulting in a model. The following specific analysis of the BSC model.

which B (Business) means the manufacturer, C (Customer) means that consumers, S (Service) means that the service provider. Taobao C2C which has a big disadvantage is that can not guarantee the authenticity of the goods, and the Jingdong B2C lack of strong service personnel, when the Spring Festival last year, broke a large number of users to order will get the order, causing the user loyalty is very low. The BSC model first solve the phenomenon of fake Taobao that may appear very OK directly from the manufacturer of goods, reducing the intermediate link of marketing, so the price can be reduced, so that consumers get the benefits, this is what we often say the factory direct sales.

BSC model S is a very valuable part of the discussion, this service is not a simple answer to the user’s pre purchase consulting and after-sales support, but a sound, complete three-dimensional service system. Through the headquarters of customer service, campus customer service, district city customer service, customer service and a lot of friendship is very OK network partners to improve the product consulting service system, technical service system, etc.. S (service provider) is a bridge between B (business) and C (consumer). Help businesses to complete the sale of goods to help consumers to complete the service of goods consulting. S here is an infinite amount, and S will have a large enough to drive the expansion of sales, but also extremely responsible to help others patiently.

give a simple example, if there is a college student, very active in the campus. So the students can apply to join the S system is OK net, this time of college students is equivalent to have a large library of products, digital electronic products, sales of various types such as camera, mobile phone, notebook. When his classmates need to buy these products, the students can make very OK network delivery, to send it to students, the students get a fee, but his classmates can get a very low price. Take the notebook as an example of it, DELL 1220 (T6670 2G DVD 320G) in a very OK price is $4549, above the Jingdong is $4899, which are both authentic can be trusted, but the price is very OK

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