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electricity supplier to the rescue?

traffic advantages to attract online cooperation, but it is difficult to increase revenue through intermodal

reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

after large appliances, maternal and child products rush at the height of the United States, but also become the new arena of online game player.

February 1st, Gome online game channel open beta. In the United States before, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electricity supplier companies have long become the online games industry predecessors. While in the United States online behind rival suning.com also came to carry out online business news.

electricity providers gathered in the online arena, apparently means that online games have become a battlefield of the electricity supplier. And look forward to the end of 2013 to be able to profit Gome electricity supplier, how much can be obtained from the game of this child’s new business how positive energy is unknown.

two operating modes parallel

at the beginning of 2013, the United States has also entered the online cross-border rivers and lakes.

February 1st, Gome online game channel open beta, launched the first 4 games. Gome online CEO Han Depeng told reporters at the end of February, the game will be officially operating channel.

this is the first time the United States involved in the online arena. In addition to the joint mode selection of the United States and the two love common first in the industry to try the game exclusive agent mode. In addition to the 3 joint venture outside the game, the United States on the "Three Kingdoms" this game to take the exclusive agent model.

according to the agreement reached between the United States and the game developers, the game in the first 5 months after the line, the independent operation of the United States by the United States, does not allow access to other platforms. Han Depeng told reporters that the life cycle of a game is only 4-5 months, up to six months, and in 5 months after the operation, he said he would continue to negotiate.

in fact, the United States and the game can be traced back to the middle of 2012. According to the reporter, in August last year, Gome [micro-blog] and Shanda games [micro-blog] in the pre deployment of mobile games in cooperation, in the original United States online store in October to obtain the right to start the panda mystery game.

Han Depeng told reporters that the United States online game channel only do two things. First, bigger platform, each game platform are connected. Two is a good game in the future the United States will operate their own. He told reporters that the United States is currently online game manufacturers and foreign negotiations. He also said that the United States after the formal operation of the game channel, the latter will have greater initiatives, such as greater investment, operating depth, etc..

, the United States has now has more than a dozen online gaming team, belonging to the new category in the business center." Han Depeng told reporters that the United States will be launched after the online game recruitment plan to expand the size of the team.

a person who is familiar with online games

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