A single page station has come to an end how the transition

believes that Taobao had guest webmaster friends know the concept of a single page station, yes!! single page station is Taobao 2010 off in the most crazy year, single page trend last year really let many webmaster earn a lot of money! But learned politics all know that everything is evolving this is the truth! Built Taobao station, now the single page station profit model has not been able to meet the needs of the users.

search in Baidu now long tail word weight-loss drugs are some of the basic Taobao guest site, basically the same point found that they are single page station, the head is a single page, here are some articles or some of the garbage article! Program is Dede, WP, zblog and other mainstream

program!Why did

say that a single page has come to an end?


visual fatigue: Baidu as the search engine, if each of the search results are some single page station, a few pictures, the price of the product does not provide users the most effective information, so that Baidu will indeed be adjusted. From the user’s point of view: look tired, will inevitably lead to the transformation of Taobao! Guest goods decreased! Perhaps, users do not look off your


second, from the perspective of SEO: we all know that Taobao passenger accurate flow is quite awesome, these are valuable traffic! Maybe you do a lucrative product, a IP can bring the income of several hundred dollars! So, see that it is particularly important to optimize our Taobao customer site. We all know that a single page station have many shortcomings are not conducive to the SEO rankings, want to do a Taobao station ranking, need to experience 3 ways from the content, the chain, the user is king


single page station how to transition?

, the first to create a critical blog site: if you let users trust your site so profit is quite easy! Only the user can further trust purchase desire. Rather than simply add a picture and a Taobao customer link up, do not put the user as a fool, remember that a word is "customer is God"! So try to provide something of value for the user. For, to create this comment blog I was also wrote an article before to explore in 2011 to do a single page of Taobao station new model, which has a detailed description!

second, provides a valuable article: from the perspective of the user, the user sees valuable articles they will trust your station, some will reblog! This is best illustrated, this will improve the readability, but also to the user to feel you are in the heart of business, rather than from fudge! SEO view: we all know that a website to have very good weight, the original article must be


well, it is said that this, I hope to give you a few pages in the current station to do some of the inspiration, if you do not know what can also communicate!


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