Li Guoqing is willing to do an electricity supplier leopard

6 years ago, it was predicted that do not do Dangdang 3C will fall out of the top three positions in the electricity supplier, Li Guoqing said he and the management team to accept the status quo. "Business to each category stronger, I don’t believe it," Li Guoqing said, "every year, we come to the conclusion that the digital 3C strategy, do not touch, don’t challenge Suning, Gome, Suning and Gome mobile phone, notebook computer is not to make money, make money by large appliances, small household appliances." So, in recent years has been holding several Dangdang books, clothing, baby, home textiles and other core category, and strive to do this in several categories of three electricity providers, and no longer pursue the total sales volume.

indeed. From March this year fell below $4 mark, Dangdang began to pick up the slope, the highest close to $12. The performance of the capital market Dangdang this month, still satisfied. Over the past few months, Dangdang category focused strategy, initial results, more importantly, operational efficiency has been significantly improved. We might as well under the Dangdang data interpretation.

first, an indisputable fact is that Dangdang and other electricity providers, the slowdown. Beginning of this year, the overall slowdown in electricity supplier, more importantly, the Matthew effect amplification, that is, giants, large companies are still growing rapidly, but the small company’s living space is rapidly shrinking. Taobao, Tmall is reflected in the big sellers, gratifying growth, and small shops have panicked, anxious, anxious, panic; and is reflected in the Tao system, is the Jingdong still maintain a high growth rate, although the 100% growth rate did not reach the ideal (but you know, they want to break the 100 billion).

Q1, Q2 GMV this year, Dangdang overall year-on-year growth of only 47% and 52%, can only be considered just passable. However, Dangdang platform business GMV growth performance was good, Q1, Q2 grew by 193% and 178%, respectively. In this year’s Starving people fill the land. electricity supplier industry, is also commendable.

of course, the other side of the open source, there are maori. In addition to revenue increases, we can also increase the gross profit as open source. In terms of gross profit, Dangdang is doing well. This year, Q1, Q2, Dangdang gross margin were 17.16%, 17.12%. An increase of 48.29%, 61.99%, much higher than the same period of revenue growth. The most important reason for this year Dangdang gross profit growth, is an open platform operation, its cooperation with the United States online, Dangdang settled store growth is gratifying, there will be introduced this year, tail collection of Dangdang, sale channel. Open platform operations, reflected in Dangdang earnings, it is other income, which accounted for 2011, 2012, respectively, is 1.86%, 3.33%, but this year, Q1, Q2, this figure has become a figure of 4.36%.

efficiency also means that throttling. The cost of the electricity supplier cost structure, except the goods, is the operating costs, including warehousing and logistics, operation cost, market cost and administrative cost management technology. 2012 full year, >

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