Hebei domain name auction a lesson to the domain name No one shows any interest in the crazy dream o

Hebei for the first time domain name auction auction no one enrolled (source: www.admin5.com/html/3/4/20061213/29823.html) at the
what domain name?! 50 dollars are full avenue, others are ungrateful to domain name, also auction, then,

with a few years ago some domain name investors quick deeds, some classical domain name speculation caused a shock effect of network, like the google.cn fm365

the funniest, someone registered 26 bytes of domain name, known as the longest domain. Not just spend 20 dollars to be able to do things, the most basic

it seems that all domain names can be overnight, so, whether it is a price of fame, garbage or disgusting domain, appear in the newspaper tabloid headlines, they chase Sina CCTV all the multimedia editing on the domain of ignorance behavior, but also contributed to the development of all these phenomena in depth in the interpretation than the April Fool’s day more crazy jokes.  

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