What experience and lessons can be learned from Google


Google+’s management changes, a lot of speculation from the media. But more from the issue of the company to discuss the level, if only from the product itself, Google+ will bring us what lessons?

at the beginning of this article before, the author must advance to explain, I had been in Google+’s founding team work, but also Circles (circle) behind the creative inventor, but now I have left Google, and there is not any insider news for their situation. Of course, this article will not involve any confidential information, the relevant content is based on public information speculated. Here, I just share my ideas with you to help you develop better products.

recently, Google+’s management has changed, which attracted a lot of media comments and speculation. The author believes that it should be a good time, let us look back over the past few years, the experience of Google+, it is how to start, how to launch, and how it evolved. Of course, the most important thing is, what lessons can we learn from.

1, product development, to solve the problem of the public, rather than the company

in the past period of time, people have been discussing Google+ what happened? And in all the discussion, one theme is very clear, that is, with the rise of Facebook, Google has encountered a lot of trouble. So, do these problems still exist today,


in the past few weeks, I also read some discussion on Google+, however, these discussions from the perspective of the majority is from the angle of "company" point of view, some people seldom discussed, for example, Google+ can, or should be for people to solve what problem, and Google+, whether through innovation can make people’s lives better.

Google+ and other Google Corporation business is different, in fact, Google’s other business problems encountered in those who have basically been resolved. If you want to make your own Google+ user participation and Facebook matched, so they must focus on solving a problem, that is how the Google+ to help people live better. Google must understand that people simply do not care about what the problem of Google Corporation, they only care about Google’s products will not affect their own, make their lives more convenient.

also, you might think of it, the user will use the Facebook collection and their related data, and then to attract advertising? Of course not, because they use Facebook is very simple, is to use a better tool to make your life more pleasant, more happy. In fact, the user can not predict what the future of their own tools to bring their own life

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