MT before April the average monthly mobile traffic in China reached 121M

news June 8th, according to the Ministry of statistics, 2013 1-4 months China’s average monthly mobile Internet access traffic has reached 121M, an increase of 37.1%. Which 3G mobile Internet access through mobile Internet users accounted for 25%, but the proportion of consumption flows up to 50%.

data show that in 2013 1-4 months, China’s telecom business revenue totaled 369 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of 8.8%. Flow is the main power consumption growth, including fixed broadband Internet access 9 trillion and 807 billion 760 million minutes, an increase of 20.8%; 369 million 183 thousand mobile Internet traffic G, an increase of 58.7%, the four consecutive month growth rate of over 50%. The average monthly mobile Internet access traffic has reached 121M, an increase of 37.1%.

at the same time, the popularity of intelligent information terminal products are accelerating. 1-4 months, the mobile phone handset sales reached 156 million 618 thousand units, the growth rate of up to 30.7%. CNNIC data show that smart phone users in the proportion of mobile phone users has been close to 80%, when the user’s new mobile phone purchase rate of purchase of mobile phones reached 72.8%. April listing of new models of smart phones accounted for 86.2% mobile phones, an increase of more than 8.8 percentage points in March, intelligent sales grew by 77%.

In addition,

information service innovation prominent features, taxi applications, real-time electricity supplier logistics, Sina, micro-blog and other international business model is recognized as an innovative model of Internet applications. 1-4 months, the national e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 180 billion. The CNNIC survey results show that 28.4% users accustomed to using the social network to obtain consumer information, shopping and sharing information on social networks, the consumption habits of the transformation in turn to promote the traditional retailers open network channels. The popularity of mobile phone application in intelligent mobile phone shopping, shopping leisure mining consumer desire, 53.6% users use mobile phone client login website, there were 13.9% and 10.6% users in the use of public transport and waiting for mobile phone shopping.

it is understood that in 2013 1-4 months, China Telecom investment amounted to 65 billion 250 million yuan, of which 3G investment 12 billion 610 million yuan, accounting for 19.3%, Internet and data communications investment 12 billion 880 million, accounting for 20.7%.

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