Pirate Bay founder after serving 5 months after the release said he would never yield

Pirate Bay founder after serving 5 months after the release of


technology – Beijing morning news on November 11th, Peter · and one of the founders of file sharing website the Pirate Bay; Sander (Peter Sunde) has been released. He had been in prison for 5 months.

Sander was arrested in May, when he was visiting his family in sweden. Previously, due to participate in the activities of the Pirate Bay site was ruled illegal by the court, he has been wanted by interpol. More than 8 years ago, the police searched the Pirate Bay server, and two years ago, the court on the Pirate Bay, the founder of a number of decisions.


‘s decision in court, Sander began a long run. However, he never really hide his position. He even represents the Pirate Bay to compete for a seat in the European parliament.

was arrested, Sander was transferred to a high security prison, although he has nothing to do with violence. TorrentFreak reported that Sander was depressed and was not used to eating. As is known to all, he is a vegetarian.

, however, 5 months later, Sander was released. He said: "my body is again with my soul and soul, which is a part of me that is truly important and can never be held back by Twitter."

at the same time, he also expressed his gratitude to the people who gave him encouragement and support during this period. He said that he will leave the network for a period of time, rest, diet and travel. He is expected to spend some time with his family after he can travel around the world.

he had previously said that after he left the prison, the situation will become simple. During his first two years in exile, he had a hard time taking part in important meetings and was only able to show up in the absence of a prior announcement.

future, Sander will continue to engage in Internet related work. His main goal is to develop a moral approach to social activities. Sander is one of the supporters of Heml.is, the instant messaging service is designed to help users avoid being tracked by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). In July 2013, they launched the congregation to raise activities, hoping to raise $100 thousand, and in a few days to complete the financing objectives. Currently, this application is being closed testing, is expected to open soon. (Li Li)

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