will not give up their hobbies do stand


test station

      remember in 2000, they also open Internet cafes, all day long bubble boring fight in the arena, the boring time always look at people’s website, then thought he could also establish a, began to search for information, ask people, and finally with " in a brother told the Oriental "; Wang " engage in a personal home page, was very proud, but unfortunately not long after this thing out, his personal station also went bankrupt;

      re establishment

      in his despair through QQ chat understanding of a time to do "is the master of the (Web Design), repeatedly request he informed me by Dreamweaver this software, but also teach me some basic Language HTML, still remember, when I use this software when is the 4 version, a lot of functions is also very convenient, under its own efforts after a long week of second finally put out your own personal website, although all static pages, but the interface looks very comfortable, but also for their own Internet cafes do a website, also apply the domain name, buy space, so do it repeatedly N times after the page feel not very cool all the pages are deleted, ready to start over, but then had a crush on the East FLASH Before the love to the west, "Xuan Xuan lounge" to see the FLASH animation, but also their behoove began to work in FLASH, there are also a lot of things happened, Internet cafes are transferred, all domain name space have stopped in 2003 March, he released the first FLASH works "I would like to own" that is to let the girlfriend back in the side, so I stayed two night doing out.

      2004 also opened a small company, buy computer machine and accessories special, when idle on the source code, these things, but also for the local schools, government and enterprises to do some websites, slowly also turn professional.

      time has been in the K666 forum dawdle, how didn’t publish what things, from the rise of the K666 to K666 are visible before the eyes closed, and then go to the dragon in the Dragon forum forum can be said to have helped some friends, their T to a corn, until now still, ha ha…… See the dragon’s decline, so many things you have to give up to do this, put their hard once spent a month to do the personal website for the past "provides, to collect the source code also provides that, anyway, just want to give up this kind of life, each.

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