Three nternet heavyweights competing for footwear electricity supplier platform flow realizable way

every reporter Qi Wenting from Shenzhen

seemingly humble footwear business, causing the three major Internet giants scramble, which in the end what is the secret?

public data show that the recent frequent shoesindustry B2C financing: good music to buy three rounds of financing of $87 million; Amoy net round of financing more than 300 million yuan; veoshoesshoes Alibaba invested about $20 million; cool sports financing of about $10 million; BELLE invested 200 million yuan "deep" business market, and the introduction of Baidu investment.

previously, the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon spent $847 million acquisition of Zappos (U.S. footwear B2C website). At present, the footwear has become the following clothing, 3C appliances, vertical B2C third segments. According to statistics, the United States footwear products online sales accounted for the entire domestic 17%, such data reached 30% in Japan and South korea. Some experts pointed out that the proportion of the Chinese market between these two figures, indicating that this is a big market, can support the 1~2 listed companies.

currently, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba is the three largest group of China’s Internet industry. The three Internet giants and traditional footwear enterprises have invested B2C, or will lead to a new round of the electricity supplier in the field of the burn wars, while many footwear B2C is involved in the Internet business camp battle.

footwear B2C sample a good music to buy: a huge investment Tencent

recently, B2C online shoe good music to buy the official confirmation of the completion of the third round of financing, by the Tencent and investment institutions Wheelock joint investment, the Tencent invested $50 million, which is the largest financing this year in the vertical category in the field of B2C. Good music to buy online shoe CEO Li Shubin told the "daily economic news" reporter, more than 70% of these funds will be put into storage and logistics system.

before this round of financing, good music to buy in 2009 to get $10 million of Sequoia Capital Financing last year, Intel, Germany and the United States and Sequoia Capital joint investment of $17 million. Li Shubin said, "on the financing, the current domestic footwear B2C market is growing rapidly, in order to accelerate the expansion of the company has been seeking to have abundant funds, as well as numerous massive user resources to support Internet giant cooperation. Due to the company’s strategic objectives and Tencent and a good combination of points, so the rapid access to the third round of financing. In fact, these giants in cooperation with a variety of ways, enterprises will choose the most suitable for a project. For the company, the Tencent has more than 600 million active users, and has a huge traffic entrance, these are not money can buy."

for Internet giants touted footwear B2C, Li Shubin believes that the "footwear products has its own characteristics, footwear products, large suppliers less, easy to control, channel number and relative standard, easy to identify the authenticity, also has a vast market, which is one of the many Internet giants to invest in the.

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