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1 Wanda listed in Hong Kong today said raising up to $3 billion 900 million to regain the throne of the richest man Wang Jianlin or  


according to the Internet, Sina News that point of view, China’s largest commercial real estate group (Dalian Wanda) today in Hongkong’s initial public offering (IPO), to raise up to $3 billion 900 million.

earlier media reports said, Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd in December 5th to launch global roadshow, and in December 19th officially listed on the HKEx, the industry is expected to raise funds there are two possibilities, one is more than $6 billion for more than $10 billion. Wanda today in Hongkong initial public offering (IPO), up to raise $3 billion 900 million, so it seems, Wanda is expected to raise more than 6 billion U.S. dollars of funds. The specific amount has yet to be further tracked.

2 Network Information Office Service: the spread of pornographic popups to shut down the thunder   false information;

news December 8th, reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, the National Network Information Office recently reported according to the masses, on the spread of pornographic and vulgar information and false rumors of thunder take measures to shut down the service window.

National Network Information Office of the relevant person in charge, according to Internet users to report and verify that the thunder pop service spread false rumours and pornographic and vulgar information, especially the relevant information is particularly concentrated information "section, the impact is very bad. In order to regulate the service window, to curb the use of pop dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information behavior, the national network information office network letter instructed the Guangdong provincial departments of these problems were investigated. At present, the thunder information service has been shut down the window.

3 Alibaba or investment millet cool  

December 8th, Alibaba group hopes that its mobile operating system can occupy a place in the Chinese smartphone market. The fastest way to achieve this goal is to inject cash into a mobile phone manufacturer.


group executive vice chairman of the board Cai Chongxin said in an interview last month, OS cloud operating system (YunOS) is a strategic plan for the long-term development of the Alibaba group, made it clear that will continue to invest in mobile operating system. Although the market value of Alibaba group has reached $266 billion, but want to put the cloud OS operating system to China’s smart phone market, Alibaba group is still facing many difficulties. In China’s smart phone market, more than 9 of the devices are equipped with Google’s Android operating system.

4 door: "rights reoccurrence Youku companion line program book"  

accused of plagiarism;

"the boy not to be bullied" after the incident, Beijing book company broke the news that had been Youku commissioned a book, after Youku aside the company and other.

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