Editor’s note how far away is the distance from a heart to success


as head of the US, in the end how far away from success? It seems sometimes caught along the line, sometimes lost in the lazy and helpless edge, the young we do not know the right to succeed to yangmingliwan, depressed mood failure spread out, so the webmaster online is people started to pay attention to others heave great sighs. The successful experience of all kinds of books and to successful TV movie, as a webmaster, how far away we are from the success of



open a computer, a sound box is flowing out of the Christine Fan song "from the heart", the lyrics are two lovers finally together effect, recall past total warm scenes, but today I want to talk about together, as head of the US, when they can in their own success sweet memories of the hardships of the past.

our success from how far? In fact, this is a false proposition, because there is no relevant conditions for the owners concerned, what is success? Is the flow, or registered membership, or industry influence, or the amount of money earned through the website? I believe every webmaster has their own answers, under colorful the answer is the webmaster, colorful life and true portrayal of the eager.

as the network edge of our people, indeed in the definition of the word success, without reference is very strong, often hard to climb to a mountain to enjoy the scenery, found not far away and have a higher mountain waiting for us to conquer.

From the study of

code and procedures, to study the promotion skills, SEO technology, suddenly became the content is king, pseudo original era, through the young life not only makes the rapid change of network community owners went in, and in the flow of income, ranking does not stop running wave we don’t know if I can see your success one day.

grassroots success is actually very simple:

1 has its own studio, with a couple of trusted partners working together

2 web site can be stable every day tens of thousands of IP, know the top of several advertising alliance, do not expect to give more money, but at least not buckle their own amount of

3 at the end of every year can take a lot of money for their mother to support their family, for his father to buy a good gift, in the Spring Festival can bring a girlfriend home, generous to family descendants of each of the children a red envelope.

might be their success goals low, remember just begin to contact the Admin5 station network, graph king his goal is to give every day there are more than a dozen original manuscript, do it slowly after expansion, don’t want to start a too perfect, but is a burden to the end.

many webmaster in Admin5 webmaster wrote the manuscript, have been very happy: "monthly income was more than 20>

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