Discuz NT 3 officially launched the Net community open trend

the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) core community products Discuz! NT 3 version of the official on-line testing. As a community forum to open the trend of the ASP.net site NT, Discuz 3 version of the code, function, performance, API made a series of optimization, improve the current version of the application results.


Discuz! NT 3 official online



this Discuz! NT 3 version of the code refactoring, mainly for business logic and front page data related to do a lot of adjustments. In the foreground display (UI) layer, the unified data management, with the same meaning and some variables, extraction and reconstruction of the "theme", "debate", "repeated the reward" such as a web application, the user code to implement unified management, improve the access control and display control logic the specification, section access, attachment browsing, thematic display, post editing permissions control process, makes the business process more clear, security has been improved. Custom unified data access interface, so that access to objects and objects array more convenient and flexible. After the reconstruction of Discuz! NT 3 version of the program code becomes more concise, reduce the system resources, efficiency has been improved. After the reconstruction procedure more clear and logical, data access layer, business logic layer, display (UI) layer structure more clear, facilitate the development of personnel and maintenance personnel to read and understand, for the majority of the two developers and the ASP.net program is a good lover.

performance improvement:

Discuz! NT 3 version for Microsoft SQL Server 20052008 storage process optimization, focus on improving the reading list of topics, such as post implementation of high frequency in the forum, a large amount of data query speed, a new query grammar to write a stored procedure by using Microsoft SQL to support Server 2005 and above, a substantial increase in the the anti load capacity and speed data query system, the SQL using Microsoft Server 2005 and above versions of the database can be user database to maximize the performance, the site visitors will be more smooth.

key function improvement:

Discuz! 3 version of NT enabled a new editor, making post editing more convenient. Enabled a new avatar mechanism, forum users to highlight the personality, and the head is widely used in mailboxes, ratings, etc.. New fast post, in the home page can quickly publish theme. Improved paging page original generation, allowing SEO to support more friendly. Improved user login experience

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