WordPress 3 2 officially released improved functionality faster


in the United States, on independence day, I couldn’t think of a better way to help democracy around the world, more freedom to make greater progress and better ways to commemorate the great American independence day than to publish more free software. I am pleased to announce that WordPress3.2 is now released and you can also download a new WordPress 3.2 via a background update. WordPress 3.2 is our version of the WordPress, from the distance of 3.1 (as of this morning, a total of more than 15000000 downloads) released only in the past 4 months. This reflects the rapid development of WordPress and with the help of everyone, made a very big improvement. We would like to use this release to commemorate the composer and pianist George Mr. Gershwin.

at the upcoming annual meeting of the WordCamp San WordPress Francisco, we are doing a survey, if you have the time please fill in this questionnaire, we will share the overall results at the meeting. Click fill in the questionnaire

the focus of this release is to make WordPress faster and lighter. First of all, you will notice that when you log on to 3.2 is a brand new layout, the admin panel uses a compact layout design code. (in the grey Rhapsody?) if you’re starting a new blog, you will fully understand the new 2011 HTML5 new year theme, will have a new theme to replace the default theme. You can start writing in our redesigned editor log, or select the full screen in the editor to enter your new writing or Zen code. All of the plug-ins, menus, buttons and interface components disappeared, to provide you with a completely clean environment, allowing you to focus on the content of writing, of course, if you put the mouse moved to the top of the screen, you often use the shortcut will appear there.

hood also made some improvements, not only to give up support for PHP4 and MYSQL5.0 previous versions, and we also give up support for IE6, because he can not show the new version of the function. The management bar has a few shortcuts to your most frequently used operations. Review the features, new audits and responses will speed up your session management. You will find that after your first update 3.2, we will only update the new update file, nor is it the entire WordPress installation, which makes updates on all host platforms significantly faster. In addition, there are a number of new interesting theme features, such as rotating head picture, to highlight your favorite photos.

let’s thunderous applause for these 3.2 contributed to the selfless dedication to

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