CPPCC members proposed to close the social nternet company taoranju official website was hacked


The front page of the website was hacked



The front page of the website was again

taoranju black

March 3rd morning news, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, taoranju Group Chairman Yan Qi suggested closing diet netbars in society "proposal is controversial, netizens think this view sharply. But in last night, taoranju official website (cn-taoranju.com) to be hacked, the modified page is pointing to a network security website.

As of

zero today, nearly 15 thousand users participated in the survey on banning social Internet proposal Sina Technology, the survey results show that 50.3% of respondents opposed the proposal, and support is also 46.4%. At the same time, there are nearly 3000 people on this proposal to express their views, and this proposal has become a hot topic on Sina (http://s.t.sina.com.cn).

opponents say management should not be one size fits all

although the gap is small, but the number of users against this proposal is still the most. About the reason for opposition, some netizens said the Internet to solve problems should not be a simple, negative way, but should be strengthened further in the management and law enforcement level, at the same time, the netizen proposed Internet cafes should actively explore the transformation and upgrading.

, claiming to be a child’s father, said a netizen in Shanghai, should not solve the problem of Internet cafes, and a lot of people living off the road. He called for "Internet cafes to solve the problem we rely on parents, teachers and society work together to do their job, rather than simply across the board, obviously this is shirking its responsibility".

in the closed society on the issue of Internet cafes, cast votes of netizens are numerous. In the comment for this event, in favor of banning social Internet users, the basic will be the final target of online games, Internet cafes that provides a place for online games affect the teenagers, even the netizen said now "to the most dangerous time".

official website was hacked


initiates in taoranju chairman Yan Qi’s proposal of controversy when, yesterday evening taoranju official website is compromised, named "butt brother" hackers modified the taoranju home page, and a message in the modified page called "fill the hole with a hole, the hole did not build a wall, a wall mounted gun. I take your big brother shelling".

Sina noted that was modified taoranju home page, the web all link 77169.com. The corresponding URL is called a network UNITA (meaning Chinese hacker alliance) the main contents provided by the website, and network security, hackers and other programming related fields.


network claimed to be approved by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Department of industry and Commerce Board >

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