Nearly 500 WeChat public number was punished for plagiarism infringement

introduction: Tencent WeChat group 28 evening announcement that since the February 3rd release rule of punishment of plagiarism, nearly 500 public number to be punished because of plagiarism, more than 30 thousand articles so it was deleted.


Tencent WeChat team 28 evening announcement said that since February 3rd, since the release of plagiarism punishment rules, nearly 500 public numbers due to plagiarism infringement was punished, more than 30 thousand articles were deleted.

WeChat team said that in the past three months, a total of more than 32000 articles to delete the contents of plagiarism infringement, the punishment of the public number of 497.

in the fight against the original copy of the process, WeChat platform found that there is a public number of abuse of the original declaration of the function and the right to report the contents of the right to confirm the phenomenon of plagiarism. In this regard, the WeChat platform has permanently recover 29 public number of the original statement of function permission, and the 14 is not the right person to confirm the contents of the report but others report plagiarism public account title processing.

WeChat team in WeChat public platform announced the relevant punishment rules. Specifically, the original works not adaptation, translation, annotation and finishing previous creation, the abuse of the original statement, once discovered, in addition to the permanent withdrawal of the functional use of authority, may also be a certain period of time.


report only access the contents of reprint rights, but also get the right to report other reproduced public plagiarism, or also reproduced some unable to trace the original author of the content, this will depend on the situation to a certain period of time or permanent Title treatment.

plagiarism has been considered a major killer of WeChat’s public platform. This is considered to be the Tencent following the release of plagiarism punishment rules since, once again clear to copy "sword", in order to protect the original.

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