Cai Wensheng entrepreneurs and investors meet three suggestions

today, Chinese by the center for financial research, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Chinese research center of Tsinghua University EMBA Education Center for entrepreneurs held the country’s first large-scale public welfare activities "of Tsinghua University Chinese entrepreneur training camp" first held the opening ceremony. The training camp will be held at Tsinghua University on July 12-16, which lasted 5 days. In the morning of the opening ceremony, the famous angel investor Cai Wensheng made a speech.

below is the full text of Cai Wensheng’s speech:

stand here today very excited, because I was a high school did not graduate, did not think today can stand in the highest school China exchange with you, I am very grateful to the two person, very physical teacher, with his communication, so he invited me to. The second is Xiong Xiaoge, he is my horses, also in 2004 IDG found me, let me come to Beijing.

I believe there are still a lot of people do not know me, because I cast a lot of companies, I would like to verify that I vote the company, there are storm video, in fact, I am one hundred percent of the shares. Internet Express, as well as 4399, China’s 99% people are aware of the company. It should be said that I voted dozens, there are some relatively large 58 city, optimization master, etc..

today I was a little excited, began to listen to a lot of people in about entrepreneurship, I compare the direct business, can stand in here, very fluent things are not called entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is actually as long as everyone has passion and ideals, basically can start immediately, not because of speculation, or a relationship, or have some background, but with all these Never mind. We recall the 30 years of China’s reform and opening up, almost can be counted out of success is zero. So entrepreneurship is what you think you should do when you have passion and ideal. In 2000, I was more envious of Zhang Zhaoyang and Wang Zhidong, why not give me money, give them vote, you have to start from scratch, slowly do a certain stage, so you will think of the second step, the third step. I believe most of the people here have a certain foundation, when you have a certain foundation, if there is a fund to speed up your success, this time you want to see a VC, or see an investor is very important. I’m here to give you three suggestions, how to see an investor and VC.

first, you want to see this person is more to check he related things, for example, I remember very clearly in 2004 June, IDG was looking for me to meet, I will advance a night at the time of the IDG partner, each partner is what investment projects, their information on the Internet I will find for example, before the resume, then there is a quantum fund in work, Xiong Xiaoge is love investment media, you should know something, if you meet with others, so it is easier to.

second, met with investors and VC, in general, a day to see a lot of VC >

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