Stationmaster net broadcast Zhongguancun electronics stores closed holidays e world news review

1 Zhongguancun electronics store e world closed: the waiter has more than customers  

core tip:

there are 9 days away from the Spring Festival, the e world began to leave early. Once here all year round, is one of the main output of the national electronic products, some businesses earn more than 10 thousand yuan a day is very easy.

now, under the impact of electricity providers, the era of flood and market leverage is accelerating the transformation of the e world. Zhongguancun Venture Street gradually replace the old electronic mall, a place to go to Zhongguancun. China Youth Daily reporter exclusive investigation of the rise and fall of the world e e era has come, e world gone?

after February 10th, e world completely deserted.

is a big red sign close already posted on the door, "because the Zhongguancun e world unified business owners signed work has officially started, the market decided to stop its own investment and rental shops".

2 Spring Festival holiday news review: shake the red and orange fire brother  


February 24th, the Spring Festival holiday at the end of this period struggling to favor, you must not idle away in seeking pleasure, pay attention to how the industry dynamic.

Tencent science and technology keywords to do during this period of finishing the news, read the industry will also have a dynamic understanding of this holiday.


1, Spring Festival Gala WeChat shake

Spring Festival Gala WeChat shake shake shake the world, the total number of more than 11 billion times a day, at 22:34 in the evening, the Spring Festival Gala shake interactive peak, for the 810 million time / minute, there are 185 countries in the world shake. A total of 500 million yuan out, from 22:32 to 22:42 time to send out 120 million universal grab red envelopes.

3 WeChat red solitaire with "network gambling" is just a step away from  

chips, slow hand."


WeChat grab red advertisement become many people’s pet phrase "during the spring festival". Have to say, the popular WeChat red envelopes disrupted a lot of people’s habits. Spring Festival evening party is not serious, and changed to grab red envelopes; mahjong does not open the table, changed to grab red envelopes; poker does not shuffle, changed to grab red envelopes.

a time, grab the red spring festival became a lot of people do not eat or drink on the toilet can not sleep "root cause". The increasing number of red envelopes and even a lot of people’s money concept has changed dramatically.

friends and even lamented now more than 1 hair, it is a huge sum of money; more than 1 yuan, it is difficult to breathe; more than 10 yuan…… Ah, that’s a suffocating figure……".

4 Wo Wo Group 25, the Nasdaq market capitalization of about 3.8>

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