CCTV 315 party online shopping complaints topped the festival polycyclic responsibility dispersion

consumer rights difficult, online shopping rights is more difficult. CCTV 3· 15 party is currently based on the summary of various clues received statistics, the number of online shopping complaints topped. This complaint focused on the sale of fake and shoddy goods, online shopping service can not be guaranteed, etc..


from a number of network operators to understand, ordinary consumers online shopping, but also easy to fall into some phishing scams, even the balance of the user’s online banking account instantly online shopping take wings to itself ".

specific to the responsibility and rights, because in all aspects of online shopping, cooperation square root fault section, layers of subcontractors, often can not be held responsibility dispersion, thus, consumers can only zirendaomei. Even as high as 100 thousand of the large amount of money, it is often difficult to adults.

"who who is responsible for the invoice, the invoice is a way to solve the" business and brand business platform buck, researcher at the China University of Political Science and Law Center for intellectual property Zhao occupation suggestions.

online shopping trap

online shopping was fishing

phishing, said it is shocking.

UC mobile technology President Liang Jie described to reporters said that phishing sites will open shop in Taobao, Taobao and other chat tools use Wangwang message push, to attract users to click on the.

or send a link to IM, Taobao want shopping in communication, direct guidance and real site phishing sites in the user as like as two peas; click on the link, in the Trojans, and jump to the page of virtual transactions page, the user clicks on the payment, will find Alipay (micro-blog) or in the bank account less money, but did not buy success.

"this is the most common phishing behavior." Liang Jie said.

A report from the CNNIC

‘s China anti phishing alliance report, phishing sites often love counterfeit (micro-blog), Tencent, CCTV, Sina, eLong, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, Bank of China profitable website.

phishing site is generally a single transaction, the amount of each transaction will not be too large, in a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars." An expert on China’s anti phishing web site.

because of the above characteristics, fishing website online shopping population to become the hardest hit. "2011 China online shopping payment security report" shows that in 2011 the user received YeePay fishing website complaints reached 4923 pens, accounted for 89% of all user complaints.

"now, online shopping has emerged a new, more dangerous trap – online banking Trojan virus." Secure web portal online transaction security center COO Qiao Congjun introduced, when shopping user clicks on the link, directly to the online banking account and steal online banking account and password in the "jump, will turn away the money in online banking.

"these criminals will"

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