Groupon faithful group purchase network will fall into the red sea battle



Du Yinan

entrepreneurship ID

Entrepreneurs: Du Yinan ‘s

venture: Beijing

entrepreneurial team: seven or eight people

existing employees: more than and 30

Revenue: revenue per day, but the site has not yet profitable, is still in the fight to lay the foundation of the investment phase

said: we are concerned about the entrepreneurial group purchase website now on the market, it is probably not under 300, and some 24 coupons got the investment. I think the Group buy site reshuffle period is coming, it is the current situation and a few years ago, the classification of advertising is very similar, after the public, when there were more than and 200, but only a few of the last remaining.

micro venture

is a set of expensive Lancome skincare, after playing 78% off 200 yuan only, if you are interested in, as long as the timely start; the original Tony studio ticket 100 yuan, in this website as long as 5 yuan, 500 Amy soon it will be sold out……

why the price is so seductive? The answer is very simple, this website is doing a number of collective group purchase, call "seckill" something, as long as a certain number of businesses, will give the promise of low discount. The site’s profit comes from the commission.

Du Yinan is full of returnees, but he jokes that he is the most grass-roots entrepreneurs, gathered together a group of people to launch the 24 ticket network, give the localized user discount.

Groupon loyal followers

group purchase website has not fresh, but 24 coupons founder Du Yinan believes that he is the most true ancestor G roupon followers of the group purchase. "Some group purchase website became stale e-commerce (electronic business channel), some day the introduction of a variety of products without screening, has been out of the nature of Groupon." The 80 entrepreneurs who had a degree in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, also served as investment manager of K K P, one of the largest private equity funds in the United states. After returning to catch up with the U.S. group purchase wave blew strong, so in March of this year, he called the Peking University, Tsinghua University, 80 creative and technical personnel, launched 24 tickets.

"24 coupons, just as its name implies, it represents a 24 hour per hour launch of a coupon (currently a day off)." Du Yinan explained the name of the site, he said at the time of the site to buy the name of the site is far less popular than it is now, and 24 coupons is one of the few sites without the name of the group to buy a website.

line to find cooperative business negotiations, give them the benefits of free publicity, bring >

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