Buy winter hit how to buy a website broken window


company, now the price is IPO price has fallen more than 60%, compared with the peak value has plunged more than 26%, but until now, no one can say it is the prospect of

in where?

this is not Facebook, we are talking about Groupon, compared to the former is not optimistic about the situation, the latter is even worse.

on Monday announced the company’s second quarter results, Groupon’s revenue reached $568 million, despite an increase of 45%, but the increase compared with the last quarter has seen a sharp decline in the first quarter, Groupon revenue increase of up to 89%. At the same time, there has been a slowdown in the growth of active users – compared with the previous quarter, the data increased by only 3%.

The risk of

in the first half of the domestic total investment of only $1 billion 900 million, down 43%, the abnormal situation on the one hand is because the capital market is not healthy for the domestic investment environment of suspicion and vigilance, on the other hand, but also on the future possible steady economic situation of the judge.

Groupon’s predicament and domestic online shopping environment are in varying degrees indicates that, perhaps in the near future, online shopping industry will have to conduct a brutal reshuffle, for all practitioners, it will be a harsh winter.

in fact, Blizzard winds have come before.

The turnover of

to handle network of more than 1 billion yuan in 2010, ten months before last April in the round of financing more than $160 million more than the investment risk, even so, the listing of its journey is full of frustrations, the first half of this year, its turnover continued to decline and eventually fell out of the domestic group purchase website three position, the overall loss close to 400 million yuan, there is the question in the outside of their turnover and inextricably bogged down in CEO.

, however, now the decline handle network is not just a local case, it is more like a corner of iceberg domestic group purchase dilemma.


data show that in less than a year, China has more than more than 2 thousand group purchase website collapse in the market under the weight of the dead is not only for those sites continue to stay afloat, as well as the interest of consumers, the first half of 2011, each group purchase activities will attract thousands of users to participate in. The turnover reached 37 thousand yuan, but now, user participation has plummeted to more than and 300, while turnover plunged more than 60%.

domestic online shopping websites are becoming a pool of stagnant water, everyone wondering who will be caused by the ripple industry collapse; it is becoming a black hole, rely on advance market confidence to get it on.


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