The first annual meeting of the Gansu nternet held in Lanzhou in December 27th

conference theme: communication, aggregation, development

cost Description: full free

collection location: Gansu,,

contact: Tel: 400-800-4110 QQ:11603254 563916127 QQ group: 29189454

intends to invite guests: 10 government leaders, experts, the industry representatives of the 15

participate in the number: website, industry representatives 300 people, staff of 10 people, the media of 50 people

time: December 27, 2009 13:00-18:00

registration website:

Gansu annual meeting of the Internet several advantages

first, the ancient Silk Road city charm Lanzhou

Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the provincial capital, is located in the geometric center Chinese land territory, is one of the China seven military Lanzhou military headquarters, Lanzhou Railway Bureau of Chinese 18 Railway Bureau, the urban North and South Hills, the Yellow River through the city, has the feature of basin shaped City, located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, is in the a temperate continental climate, winter cold, summer without heat, the four seasons. Is the province’s political, cultural, economic, financial, transportation, education center.

two, innovation 2010, discuss the development of


grasp the opportunity for the development of Internet companies in Gansu, looking for direct customer groups. Industry event, the industry is highly concentrated, with innovation and development in the industry, each according to his lights, the crystallization of collective wisdom will bring about a big leap in the idea of the.

three, powerful joint strength doubled

by the Gansu Internet companies jointly launched the "2009 Gansu Internet Conference, invited the representatives of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou good, Shenzhen, Xi’an and other relatively developed areas of Internet enterprise integration; Gansu Internet enterprise resources, enhance market development efforts, strengthen publicity, pushing the informatization process in Gansu province.

four, 2009 annual meeting of the Gansu Internet agenda

1, how to enhance the service value of the Internet industry through cooperation, and create a major profit?

2, information, portals and other sites through polymerization to achieve sustainable revenue generation?

3, how to operate e-commerce website, how to plan the future profit model of e-commerce website

4, which will restrict the development of enterprises in the operation of the website bottlenecks? How to break through?

5, how to achieve the integration of the Internet and traditional industries, so that the Internet better serve the traditional industries, and the traditional industry collaborative development

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