The characteristics of micro film and network marketing

micro film is an emotional marketing model, but also a supplement to the traditional marketing model. A good advertising micro film is the first to be able to remember the film, followed by a refreshing ad, and finally is concerned about the properties of the implanted product. Micro film opened a new video advertising business model, but also means that China’s social media pattern more than a strong dark horse. Do network marketing friends know this – can use pictures without words, can not use the sound picture, you can use the video without sound." Because the video has strong dyeing, the content of the form of diversity, wanton creativity and other characteristics, it is the most direct and easy way to impress the Internet users.

micro film before entering the network marketing, must go through the market, the production of these two links. Must first understand the market, in order to produce a high-quality film based on the market, the micro film in the process of making the most easily overlooked one is redundant, irrelevant circumstances affect the quality of the story. In my opinion, the micro film core should have two, one is the quality of the story, the two is the brand experience. Compared with other traditional advertising, an excellent micro film to rise above the common herd on the network, must pay attention to the overall structure of the story, the film to express the brand and emotional appeal point simply cannot be directly displayed on the screen, the best is through the story to convey to the audience. Micro film on the network has not stopped in the traditional theater, to have the network characteristics, that is to arouse the curiosity and exploration of Internet users, the ultimate goal is to allow users to participate in interactive.

micro film network marketing recommendations do the following.

1, every film in the audience before they are unable to obtain valid information, that is to say before do not know what type of film, not a promotion highlights publicity language, can not effectively grasp the audience before the eye. Should be based on the characteristics of the film and add some of the characteristics of the introduction of phrases.

2, the platform must be interactive. Be sure to let the micro motion, and the audience interaction. It is recommended to be targeted at the mainstream video sites (such as potatoes, Youku, PPLIVE, odd arts, etc.) on the launch, video clarity must be hd. Interact with people on the popular micro-blog and social networking sites. Recently, the micro film network promotion Cadillac "is a successful case of" triggered at any moment. Cadillac official micro-blog video forwarding number of more than 20000, more than 3000 comments.

3 micro film follow-up precision marketing. When the micro film on a period of time has a certain reaction, should be combined with the tourism activities in Qionghai for subsequent image advertising, such as micro film, leading follow-up meeting and other activities to enhance the influence of micro film in public, so as to achieve the effect of publicity.

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