Online selling products will be banned without permission to ban shops

cured products can be said to be almost essential to Sichuan people’s food on the table, but the size of the food market, and even individual citizens to make and sell the butcher, no sausage packaging is safe? Yesterday, the Chengdu Municipal Food and Drug Administration food circulation supervision department official in the guest "Chengdu face · comprehensive analysis and consumer safety early warning on this issue wind hotline" program.  

program, the Chengdu Municipal Food and Drug Administration food circulation supervision department official said, pickled product itself is a kind of meat products, meat products must go through the food production license to enter the market, a lot of homegrown food without permission, "the next step will be to strengthen the market access market, strictly the requirements of food operators, especially meat products operators strict access control, do not allow meat products to enter the market without QS certification."

reporter observed that, in addition to super, Taobao and other shops have become the focus of the sale of pickled products. According to the network of food management measures for the supervision and administration of the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued the "(Draft)", the online business products should obtain license or registration certificate of the food business, such as the third party trading platform food network operators can not provide specific information shall bear responsibility. This means that, if you do not have access to online sales of food products operating license or filing certificate, you must be on the shelf.

for the main information publicity, "network food business supervision and management measures (Draft)" clear that the network of food business operators shall on its website home page or home page prominently business activities, publicity business license, license or registration certificate.

national level "network food business supervision and management measures" is still in the comment period, then the Chengdu food supervision on the network what measures? "In the store and virtual store supervision is the same, we should first look at qualifications, are not eligible to sell, then see the purchased products have obtained production license. If not, then there is a great risk. Once found, can be reported to us in time, we will be banned."

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