What women entrepreneurs are doing fight Uber sell fun products invest thousands of startups

lead: delicate business acumen is the unique advantage of women entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.

According to a report by

Alibaba, Chinese women entrepreneurs do the same as American women entrepreneurs. In Chinese, female population accounted for 11% of the entire business, the most typical Chinese female entrepreneurs: Liu Qing (CEO, Ma Jiajia drops fast) (not Global CEO), Qin Yun (Chairman of the board of Control Branch Chong Qing (Sun TV), Yang Lan Chen Feng (founder) and beauty founder).

from left to right: Chen Feng, Qin Jun, Liu Qing,, and

Liu Qing


in the Chinese market billions of dollars against Uber woman

in China, in 2014, Uber has two major competitors, drops taxi and fast taxi ahead of Uber known to the people. However, the two companies announced in February this year after the merger, the merger is named after the fast (the latter called "drops"). This financial event, drops into the business development of the fast lane, operating range from ordinary taxi service to the car (like Uber Black), express (like Uber People), or even drops and drops the flying bus. The rapid growth of the company behind the people is Liu Qing, the CEO of the trickle down.

graduated from Peking University in 2000 and graduated from Harvard University in 2002. In the same year, Liu Qing entered Goldman Sachs (Asia) group. Ten years later, she became the managing director of Goldman Sachs (Asia) Group Asia pacific. 2 years later, Goldman Sachs refused to invest in the fast (Goldman Sachs has invested in the United States Uber), the history of Goldman Sachs, the youngest general manager to choose to join the trickle, as chief operating officer. 1 years later, Liu Qing served as the fastest ceo.

to capture the great value of changing the way people travel, Liu Qing resolutely removed from Goldman Sachs position. She gave up the annual salary of Goldman Sachs, adding drops. In fact, Liu Qing shows her value in the drops. Years of investment experience gave her a global vision and a wide range of connections, so that she can quickly complete a number of rounds of financing and promote the merger of drops and fast. At the same time, the woman in the coordination of public relations talent and her gracious attitude, make her ease in handling the China involving government, taxi industry and the taxi driver. In Shanghai, she reached an agreement with the local government, so that the international community is fast becoming the only licensed mobile phone taxi service.

Ma Allison


the young girl brought out thousands of female entrepreneurs

in the vicinity of his alma mater, Ma Jiajia, the dress like a high school students after 90 young girls, a graduation opened a fun shop. In the 20 square meter store, avoid >

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