We should talk about promotion missteps website promotion method and opportunity of will by Microsof

                challenge Google and Yahoo, Microsoft in May 29 launched a new search engine "bing". Chinese users will be able to access the Bing search engine through bing.com.cn in June 2nd. "Will be" with its beautiful new home page and a number of innovative features by users and webmasters of strong concern. After the official launch of a large number of Internet users and webmasters have visited their home page, experience the new experience brought by the new search engine. Although just launched will get a lot of traffic, but will be the promotion is still a lot of industry experts criticized.

will be not on the line before, Microsoft CEO Steve – Ballmer will be announced in advance of the new search engine release. The news caused a strong reaction in the industry, then there will be a lot of traffic to the will of the home page. But at that time it was just not a formal on-line page, which means that in the absence of formal launch has been a waste of a lot of traffic. According to the U.S. Internet traffic detection mechanism of Compete data, will be two days before the online, bing.com in the whole Internet traffic accounted for up to 1.7%, a day after that will be launched before the day the proportion fell to 0.9%.

"will be" as a promotion of Microsoft search engine with different hardware and conventional consumer electronics products, can be announced in advance to create a momentum, as the product of Internet application, people want to experience new products. When I learned that will be about to be launched, the author has tried to access the Bing page, and finally because only to see a show soon on the page and feel disappointed.

although the loss of flow and not on the "" will be caused by too much influence, after the official launch of Microsoft will make a fuss in the promotion. But the stationmaster net admin5.com satisfied that "will be" promotion and did not grasp the chance and early promotion can backfire. The website should also grasp the potential chance of promotion, but also have different ways of promotion in different periods, different website promotion way is not the same, so webmaster to do the promotion must pay attention to grasp the opportunity to choose suitable promotion according to the positioning of the site.

for how to grasp the timing and mode of promotion, summarized the following points.

first, it is clear that, although SEO is different from the conventional promotion, but it is also part of the site promotion. SEO is accompanied by the promotion of the station, so before the site and the site will start planning early. At the same time on the site, you should also see the flow of search engines. Therefore, in the construction of the site from the beginning to the end, especially in the early stages of the construction of SEO is an important part of the promotion. For example, do classification information site, in the station on the local market for the relevant hot keywords to optimize, when the site on the line, the search engine directly bring the flow should >

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