Xunyiwenyao traced due to private hospital layoffs or advertising atrophy

news August 15th, running in the field of medical Internet ten years "Xunyiwenyao net" started "downsizing" team. Multiple news sources to billion state power network, Xunyiwenyao network has been from the beginning of last week was not a small scale layoffs.

it is reported that since last Friday, there were Xunyiwenyao network staff layoffs in the company’s news broke the social networking platform. Conservative estimate layoffs ratio of 50% or more." Have left from Xunyiwenyao Li Lei (a pseudonym) told billion state power network.

was founded in 2004 Xunyiwenyao network 2011 Yunfeng fund investment strategy; 2014 Lenovo holdings group and CCB international capital investment strategy. Although not disclose the specific amount of financing, but the investment enterprise is enough to prove that Xunyiwenyao had success, what this has been running for more than ten years of experience in internet medical enterprise


negotiations: fight for the initiative to leave

a temporary job Xunyiwenyao employee Zhang Ming (a pseudonym) told billion state power network, August 11th has been part of the staff received a layoff notice, but the spread of the range is not wide, did not cause much volatility, but second days some employees began to panic, and have started looking for "home".

Zhang Ming said that at present the company’s strategy is: by each department director, manager or supervisor and employees to communicate, if employees choose to leave their own before August 25th, while attendance can be counted to 25 days; if the employee is in the list of layoffs, but not to leave, otherwise the other algorithm, the personnel department is not yet the person in charge of communicating with the staff involved, then the issue of compensation for the coordination of various departments in the."

another workers Wang Chao (a pseudonym) said on Thursday the company’s management to each department director issued a notice requiring all departments staff to work on Saturday, "this is not a normal work schedule, recently did not need what should be working overtime, companies need more time to arrange employee layoffs problems."

According to

billion state power network understanding, Xunyiwenyao network currently employs approximately 1000 people, a number of departments with resource management department, product department, technical department, business department, administrative department of innovation, and the layoffs involve multiple departments.

for the massive layoffs of the rumors, a Wen Kang group (Xunyiwenyao parent company) insiders to billion state power network responded that indeed personnel adjustment, but the scale is not large, about 10% layoffs, department is mainly for emerging business lines, such as Wen Yun Kang medicine, maternal and infant products, and other business group the normal development.

and general manager of Xunyiwenyao network vice president of strategic development department denied the company layoffs "Tianjiao ginger". He said Xunyiwenyao has been carrying out structural adjustment and optimization of team staff, but there is no layoffs.

for personnel optimization, the industry is not surprised

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