Teach you to become a good Baidu network marketing consultant

marketers easy to make 16 mistakes

1, do not really understand what is marketing and do not understand what is marketing


2, fear of failure, fear of rejection, do not dare to accept rejection, lack of self-confidence, passion is not enough, there are discouraged (anyway, not to the account, do not also do not matter);

3, to let it go, have too much hope of success, without a careful analysis of each customer, to focus on a few customers, the lack of development of new customer awareness, always clinging to several customers, the ability to judge the customer is poor, customer expectations are too high, too believe clients, some the customer has no value, but the sales staff went to see, to spend time, a waste of energy. Call to hear customers to do promotion, a moment of excitement forget to ask the customer the most basic situation, leading to waste their precious time and energy;

4, said too much, listen too little, not to lose a lot of details, with the intention of customers (not seriously listen to every detail, the customer said not to seize the customers handle, instead of customers caught many loopholes;

5, said a lot of customers should not say, the more mistakes you say the more

6, do not know when to clinch a deal, do not know how to clinch a deal;

7, the product is not ripe;

8, not in time to follow up customers, do not want to take the time to collect customer information, information is not much;

9, have a lazy mood;

10, satisfy the current situation, made a little big with pride, proud, always remember now is only temporary success not failure;

11, the efficiency is low, the method is obsolete, the state of mind is not good, does not have the innovation spirit, lacks the change, the study ability is poor, the advance consciousness is poor, always follows behind others;

12, not good at working with others, do not like to communicate with colleagues;

13, no sense of responsibility, enterprise is not strong, self-consciousness is not high, hard enough;

14, not good at observation, thinking, summary;

15, the lack of ambition, performance ability, talk is not smooth;

16, customer pre-sales and after-sales service to do too bad, the sales staff just look at the immediate interests, not for the sake of the future, do not have the potential to tap the old customers.

two, the necessary conditions to promote the product

1, to understand their own business;

2, to understand the company’s products and services;

3, understand the customer;

4, understand customer needs;

5, learn about our competitors;

6, understand the customer’s competitors;


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