58 market push the secondary trading platform around the secondary market welcomed the outbreak


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today (November 12th), the 58 market officially launched the launch of the C2C trading platform used idle around. WeChat payment by way of encouraging individual users to quickly sell their own idle items to individual users, to achieve the rapid transfer of idle goods. Then, 58 fair why push around, like this around idle goods trading platform will ultimately be successful? East may wish to read:

Why go to the

58 launch "around"


in fact, before the introduction of around 58 market, intends to have secondary trading in the advantage of independent category focus on the development, such as second-hand car, second-hand housing market, now 58, pushing the second-hand goods trading platform around the East think there are three reasons.

first, sharing economy is popular, people’s life and consumption concept is changing, for unused goods purchase and sale of demand is blowout. In particular, car ride sharing economic products through subsidies to users of large-scale popularization of education in the early stage, changed a lot of people travel at the same time, it also makes the sharing economy this concept more identity. This also indirectly makes people begin to be willing to own idle items, time, skills, etc., through leasing, sale, transfer and other ways to create their own income. In a sense, people are idle goods transaction is a shared economy, the sale profit through the sale of unused items, avoid the waste of resources, while buyers can buy cheaper more affordable goods. This shared economic development concept, and the changes in people’s concept of life, will make the sale of second-hand idle items become a kind of fashion or trend, an important background which may be launched around the market 58.

second, the outbreak of the mobile Internet has brought rapid flow of information, which makes information exchange and communication between people more direct and convenient. Especially the outbreak of the mobile social platform, so that information can flow quickly and realize resources sharing, people can not only with the help of 58 market classification information trading platform such selling unused items of information, but also through WeChat, micro-blog and other social media platform to release unused items for sale and transfer of information. The 58 fair launched around, and one of the largest second-hand trading platform is different from the past, can be directly through the App camera to upload unused items for sale, and can also be commodity information share to WeChat friends, but also to share the WeChat circle of friends.

third, the most important thing is that we are in a new era of consumer upgrades, updates for people around the replacement goods very quickly, which leads to every one of a large number of idle goods. Take the smart mobile phone now has a speaking, due to the rapid development of science and technology change rapidly, every three to six months, the function of intelligent mobile phone configuration may have a big upgrade, which led people to replace the mobile phone to shorten the cycle of infinite >

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