Network MLM repeated report and evidence investigation difficult

[core tip]: a month to find two people to join, a year after the monthly income of at least $500 thousand, buy back to one thousand, spend ten thousand to ten thousand"……

a group claiming to be "electronic commerce" website, the name of this attractive advertisement but who knows these sites a whoop and a holler, may do is MLM business. Anti MLM volunteers believe that this pyramid approach is not only more deceptive, but also difficult to investigate. Reporters in the survey found that, for example, had been arrested on suspicion of network MLM site was actually still booming business".

secret buy one thousand send one thousand

Beijing Lianggao law firm economic crimes lawyer Yang Shuying think, to "pull the head" and "dividends" as the main source of income of shopping sites are suspected of mlm. "Businesses are playing a more complex, more sophisticated business model, but still constitute pyramid schemes."

According to the provisions of the "

" the prohibition of marketing regulations, marketing refers to the organizer or operator development personnel, through the development personnel directly or indirectly to the development personnel quantity or sales performance for the calculation and payment, or required by the developers to pay a fee as a condition to obtain qualifications such as to seek illegal interests.

"now this type of consumer rebate shopping site very much, the rebate, return the money, the pattern was the same, the same. The so-called rebate is a gimmick, where the money come from? Does not create value, where the profit is the rebate? Under the banner you actually can not immediately return, must pull more people to join the shopping, according to the proportion to a certain percentage of." Li Xu, President of China Association of anti MLM NGO said.

rebate website at La when mentioned consumption capital, which is also the theoretical basis of the rebate type mlm. It claims that consumers can also become capitalists, the process of consumption is also the process of investment." Li Xu said, in fact, consumption is consumption, consumption can not be invested. Now they are spending as an investment, it is economic nonsense."

has been involved in network marketing for many years, Li told reporters, these are deceptive".

two years ago, Li joined the network company called the net capital of a man, pulled his occupation commitment, only need to pay 3889 yuan membership fee, there will be an exponential growth income. The source of income is the new development of offline, as long as the development of a member, you can get 1600 yuan of income.

"they told me that only one cable to a computer can make money, but also holding membership for their investment, to provide them with the opportunity to make money. I was then joined." Xiao Li said.

added at the beginning, do immediately pull people occupation percentage, real cash returns to let Mike excited. He posted on the network, with their own experience to promote this investment model.


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