ntermediary companies will not die nternet subversion real estate agency five real problems

The smoke of the Internet

real estate intermediary, from the beginning of love, Ding Ding rent rent, Soufangwang "Commission" war, gradually spread to the "housing broker" of the competition. Real Estate Company seek intermediary Internet competition increasingly fierce. In the future, the agency will not die



note: real estate agency, was considered to be the most difficult to shake the Internet model. However, since last year, the Internet began to spread the real estate agent. From the beginning of love, Ding Ding rent rent, Soufangwang "Commission" war, gradually spread to the "broker" of the competition, the Real Estate Company and the external entrepreneurial companies seeking to "intermediary Internet" increasingly fierce competition. Real estate agents will become the next taxi market in the future, the intermediary companies will not die, the following is a titanium media reporter with these questions and Reflections:

real estate intermediary this was considered the most difficult to shake the Internet "rock" since last year also began to loosen. Barbarians at the door to the full pain point of the industry to bring more and more variables. Under the smoke of war, which is the industry of faint undercurrent undercurrents? Mobile Internet really brings disruptive innovation? The way we rent, while the later is able to trap less, more at ease


the following five questions as bait, to explore the industry can lead to a person with breadth of vision:

1, real estate agents will become the next taxi market?

– the real estate intermediary in the tide of the Internet has been steady as a rock the market also began from the price war smoke.

Aiya Yoshiya, the "catfish" swim into the pool a cold pond waves. First, the rental market is "unspoken rule" is broken, around the "Commission" price war: "Shanghai market rent lovehouse won the Commission halved" this trump card within 9 months, the chain of home is simply "Brokeback to survive", the rental business of independent operation, launched the Ding Dingzu room and shouted "the tenant free Commission slogan.

is the so-called "ulterior motives", the war quickly spread to the second-hand housing market. After the "rental market" the springboard is stable, love also reached the March rent the second-hand housing market, "the Commission received only a little" advertisements do most. But this time it did not come out on top, as early as 2 months ago, the housing in Beijing city in 5 to try "0.5 Commission" mode, once triggered the intermediary industry "siege of Guangming ding".

so, at the beginning of last year that a "money war" in the real estate intermediary industry


seems unlikely in the short term. The taxi is "high frequency, low price" market, Ali, the Tencent "nouveau riche game" is to seize the entrance of mobile payment and mobile platform. On the contrary, housing rental, second-hand housing transactions is low frequency, high priced market, not >

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