Look at the two sides of the nternet reverse angle to the nternet thinking 7 points of cold water


at the end of 2013, this was suddenly popular Internet thinking. "Internet thinking" entry a search results: to make full use of the spirit of the Internet, value, technology, methods, rules, opportunities to guide, deal with, innovation, work ideas. November 3, 2013 CCTV news headlines, in a way to emphasize the theme of the Internet thinking, thinking from the Internet from the experts in the field of flying into the homes of ordinary people".

however, the Internet thinking is a kind of what kind of thinking, it is very difficult to get. Industry leaders also have different view, how to operate the Internet thinking to guide the work, but also the village has a village of merit. We say that everything has two sides, the Internet thinking, we might as well look at the reverse angle.

1, the Internet thinking is a great leap forward in a quick, efficient thinking. The so-called people have more daring to produce, which is now in the field of Internet and the performance of the most incisive. Internet entrepreneurs to join the army of the people, have to take a deep breath, in order to find good ideas, can become famous overnight, overnight, quickly became a par with BAT company. Is thinking of grass root look forward to counter attack. However, BAT grew into the industry benchmark companies, but also spent more than and 10 years.

2, the Internet thinking is a peer injury (harm) more dominant thinking. The so-called peer light, peer is a friend. But the traditional era, this light, the situation is only a small injury phase show. In the Internet era is completely different, with 3Q as the symbol of war, fighting against each other between peers has openly dominance. At the end of all things to some people seems to have been used very skilled. The so-called pioneering know more difficult, this is made in the domestic counterparts and is extremely competitive and survive in this environment the enterprise is really experienced a close call business.

3, the Internet thinking is a kind of free sheepskin based business model thinking, this thinking is incompatible with the traditional industry. A recent internet employee to traditional enterprise interview comedy experience "Atlas of widespread in micro-blog, WeChat and so on. Grass root male job respectively to a hotel, a real estate, a bank, a university for the interview, the interviewer questions are based on free thinking response. Obviously, the Internet era seems to have been free of charge has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, to do something directly charge, too difficult.

4, the Internet is a kind of thinking of the illusion of opium. In 2011, the total investment of venture capital companies in China was more than 80 billion yuan, about half of the u.s.. By 2013, the total investment should be greater. In addition to venture capital companies, there are a lot of other funds. In a free – based business model, why are there so many funds keen on some of the ideas and ideas do not fly. Is this really a purely commercial investment behavior? Money is not just for you

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