Perfect hand grand game possible successor thirsty compensation of resentment

Two days before

, the perfect time of purchase shares of Shanda Games news appeared, I Yiziyizi to carefully read two times, heart faint feel more implication in the acquisition. At night, the tiger sniffing the network Li Min classmate suddenly asked me to do a micro channel once perfect old employees how to see. I quickly overwhelmed by an unexpected favour constantly thrown a speculation, Li Min students remained always silent, just a simple "yes", under such pressure, I say more and more, all of a sudden in the confusion of thought in pumping a thread, that’s more reliable feel, Li Min classmate suddenly I reply after a long silence: "if you write something……" So there is the following article.

began to say, I do not believe that the perfect part of the acquisition of Shanda Shanda just for short-term investment. I am not very familiar with the grand, but is very familiar with the perfect, perfect example of acquisitions and investments to have its strategic intent is not just for short-term profit, so I guess if you really like, so the acquisition is absolutely perfect for ten years the most important strategic turning of.

perfect route

perfect started from "perfect world", the game itself is good quality, original 3D engine was definitely regarded as the world’s leading standard, especially the pinched face system can be described as the leading peer over five years (see "pinched face, I can only say" the sword of the spirit of the system as early as 2005 perfect has reached this level). There are two versions of "perfect world", the first version is card charges, but soon perfect from the top "Yulgang" hot saw props charging system will replace the card charging system, so in the absence of the content of the game to do what to amend the situation quickly launched a "perfect world" (International version name proposals are more inclined to call Chi Yufeng, perfect world 2, I was playing the international version of FF10, when the company decided to export this version, and the 2 address in Beijing dialect is not a good word, so I called the international version, you suddenly feel the high-end atmosphere the grade, but the pool is always the boss, so as early as this version is called the perfect world 2…… Props charge version. From the beginning of this version in the limelight, perfect skin firmly toward a change lines quickly copy products dominate the market of the road to industrialization.

is the most successful product is perfect "Zhu Xian", from the game essentially is excellent, and because of self-developed 3D engine to further upgrade and makes the picture more beautiful, but the real key to the success of this game is "Zhu Xian" brand itself and perfect strong market ability. Up to now I still remember "Zhu Xian" marketing project called Zhu Xian sword, love moving nine days, to love as a marketing plan with the flagship brand effect "Zhu Xian" the game itself will soon be on the domestic 3D network game of the peak, but also help perfect successfully listed on NASDAQ and even today, "Zhu Xian" is still the perfect biggest cash cow.

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