Jurisprudence site on the Propaganda Department suspects have been prosecuted

was a "God’s favored one", after graduating from its website, in order to increase pageviews, released a lot of bad pictures on the website, and the website organizers write "Mengcheng County Propaganda Department". Anhui Mengcheng police alarm rapid detection. Recently, the man involved in the alleged alleged dissemination of pornographic material was Mengcheng County procuratorate prosecution.

in April this year, Mengcheng County Public Security Bureau received Mengcheng County Propaganda Department propaganda office informed that the management of Internet: the Internet there is a named "Bozhou new media site in Mengcheng County propaganda department name, in the dissemination of large amounts of obscene and vulgar pictures on the site. Because the website relates to the party and government organs, Mengcheng County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to the Council network monitoring unit based at the same time, the case reported to the Bozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau network monitoring department. Subsequently, the task force on the site to download pictures as evidence to save, after the identification of 511 pictures of pornographic pictures.

with the depth of the investigation, the task force locked the sun in Hubei, Huanggang Province, sun Moumou for the site operator. The suspect Moumou recently in Qingdao city of Shandong province’s information activities, in May 10th, the task force deployed 6 police went to Qingdao city to carry out the work. In cooperation with local police, at 12 pm in Qingdao District of Huangdao City Xin Ming Yuan Xiao Qu a rental housing within the suspect Moumou arrested, and seized the Internet with a computer desk and bank cards and other items.

interrogation, Moumou confessed that he graduated from a university in Hubei last year, family economic difficulties. To make money as soon as possible, he in January 2009 the price of 6500 yuan to buy "Bozhou new media websites on the Internet, in order to improve the site traffic, to increase advertising revenue, he added" body art "column on the website, and from the Internet to collect more than and 500 pieces of pornographic pictures hang into the website. As of the incident, Moumou has made use of the site to earn more than 1 yuan advertising.

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