Business logic within half a year 4 new Taiwan team website is worth learning


in our impression, Taiwan almost no world-class Internet products, in fact not only Taiwan network industry few world-class products, in addition to the United States of the countries in the world have very few world-class products. If we fear the grass root entrepreneurs three points in the three major domestic Internet giant Tencent, Ali, Baidu, also known as the world level. It all seems too hard to happen in our culture. So we have to comfort themselves, said the Chinese market is big enough to do this market is good enough to be among the forefront of the world. Is a bit of a good man caught in difficult circumstances but also makes sense. After all, a bite to eat rice, way to go step by step, big industry in micro mo. To have the ideal of world-class products, but not idealism. Return to reality, for most of the early entrepreneurs, capital, talent, lack of experience, choose a suitable entry point is very important.

so today we will look to Taiwan, in a small and beautiful limited market, Taiwan’s Internet entrepreneurs how to do the project choice?

Guo Shuqi and the two brothers are the founder of the famous map of Taiwan, a map of the social networking site set up in Taiwan in 2007. At the end of 2010 the company was acquired by Groupon, is a successful case of a veteran Internet entrepreneurs. Earlier this year, leaving Groupon Taiwan to start a new round of entrepreneurship, and the establishment of the entrepreneur brothers Limited by Share Ltd, plans to launch 5 different network services in the next two years.

Guo brothers team the entrepreneurial ideas different from a business focus in a single product, Guo Shuqi said, the map of entrepreneurial experience let them realize that Taiwan is limited to the habit of language use, and the maturity of the market, many good service international, usually not listed Taiwan as a priority in the promotion of the market therefore, in the future they will Online+Offline business style, looking for foreign successful model, carries on the localization of business transformation. In other words, the plan is to build 5 successful foreign business model. Up to six months, has successfully launched 4 sites:

1, Photo123- provides personal photo scanning lazy service


a lot of people have paper in the old photos and negatives, but to their own scanning is not only a technical activity (such as the late PS repair film), and particularly time-consuming. Photo123 to help users scan photos, film permanent preservation. Taiwan’s largest scanning site 24 hours service. In the old photos fade moldy, sent to the site to help you a full scan digital color correction + CD + + online preview, each 5 yuan nt. The prototype of the business is the 2011 explosion of red GoPhoto. Photo123 was opened in May 2012, is the first home of Guo brothers again

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