The websites that you used to go on but no longer


Reddit is a forum site in the United States, they often hold a called Ask me anything (AMA) activities, inviting celebrities to answer any questions raised by users. This activity has a tradition is: because the users in the online quiz, so respondents usually need to prove myself indeed, rather than another impostor. For example, three years ago, when Obama participated in the AMA, the first in their own real name authentication twitter account announced the news, and then posted on the Reddit twitter link, as a result of the identity card.

last week, Bill · Gates also participated in a AMA. His way of self identification is to imitate himself in a high school alumni in 1973, a famous photo, re shot a similar photo.

1973 Bill · is just a 17 year old high school student who will be admitted to Harvard University with a SAT score of about 1590 points in.


43 years after all the original scene, the same clothes pants, the same hat shoes. Bill · Gates even found out that year’s Vintage pulse dial telephone and teletype. The biggest difference is, this time he posted on the wall a piece of writing his nickname Reddit note, in order to prove his disguising.


43 years, the boy has achieve success and win recognition and we live in a world that is changed, the speed of technological innovation is far more than people’s imagination. This comparison is really infinite regret.

I want to say today is the theme of nostalgia. But not Bill · Gates, not 1973, after all, I have not experienced that era……

I think nostalgia is…… Internet。


recently, Zhang Xiaolong rice has already been set account, reminds me of a nostalgic mood. In the past, twitter soon, as the originator of rice has Chinese micro blog site is also the scene. I also registered a meal no, November 23, 2007 update the first state. When I was still an international Organization headquarters in New York to work, the account basically is used to record the daily life of bits and pieces, such as today which restaurant to eat at. Much like. Because the binding of the MSN, so the signature of the MSN will be released in real time on the rice.



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